Prym - Magnetic Square Pin Cushion

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Keep Your Pins Handy & Stylish: Prym Love's Magnetic Pin Cushion

Tired of losing pins or having them scattered around your sewing station? Prym Love's magnetic pincushion is here to save the day!

Here's why you'll love it:

- Fresh & Functional Design: This mint-coloured pincushion with white dots adds a touch of modern charm to your sewing space. But it's not just pretty—the powerful magnet keeps your needles securely in place, always ready when you need them.
- Perfect for Sewing Machines: Keep your pins right where you need them most! Place the pincushion near your sewing machine for easy access during any project.
- Bonus Glass-Headed Pins: The set includes nine high-quality glass-headed pins (0.6mm x 30 mm) with red heads, perfect for delicate fabrics.
- More Than Just Pins: Not just for sewing! Use the magnet to store thumbtacks, staples, or other metal craft supplies, keeping your workspace organised and clutter-free.

So ditch the pin dish and upgrade your sewing experience with Prym Love's magnetic pincushion!

Product details:

- Square pincushion with magnetic core
- Sturdy plastic
- Mint with white dots
- Contains 9 g glass-headed pins in the package

- Colour: Mint
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 0.6 mm pins 0.6 x 30 mm