Prym - Iron Cleaner

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Keep Your Iron Gliding Smoothly with the Prym Iron Cleaner Pen!

Say goodbye to stubborn build-up and restore your iron's flawless glide with the Prym Iron Cleaner Pen!

Effortless Cleaning:

- This convenient pen cleans and descales all easy-glide soleplates, removing dirt, calcium, and residue.
- Experience the difference - your iron will glide effortlessly over fabrics, ensuring smooth and professional results.

Simple to Use:

- Apply: With the iron set to setting 2, gently rub the pen on the soleplate to melt the cleaner.
- Wipe away: Use a soft, damp cloth to remove the loosened dirt and calcium deposits.
- Clean the steam vents: Stand the iron upright and activate the steam function briefly. Wipe away any residue that emerges.

Enjoy renewed ironing performance with the Prym Iron Cleaner Pen!

Additional details:

- Includes one pen with 20g of cleaner and instructions.
- For optimal results, use the cleaner regularly.

Experience the difference with the Prym Iron Cleaner Pen and rediscover the joy of effortless ironing!

Product details:

- Cleaning pen for the sole plate of the iron
- Removes dirt and calcium
- Makes the iron glide smoothly again

- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 20 g