Prym - Embroidery Sewing Machine (130 & 705)

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Unleash Your Inner Embroidery Wizard with Prym's Enchanted Needles

These magical needles hold the key to unlocking exquisite embroidery! Designed for fragile threads and any fabric under the sun, they'll transform your sewing machine into an embroidery powerhouse:

- Delicate touch: Like a fairy's whisper, the gentle ball tip glides through threads, protecting them from harm.
- Multi-talented: From woven tapestries to knitted masterpieces, explore endless embroidery possibilities.
- Effortless flow: No more thread snags! The wide eyelet and grooves guide even the thickest yarns effortlessly.
- Universal fit: No matter your machine, these needles are ready to join your magical embroidery journey.

Embrace the magic of Prym's embroidery needles and watch your creative visions come to life, stitch by stitch!

Product details:

- Particularly for embroidery with the sewing machine
- Exceptionally wide eyelet
- Exceptionally wide thread groove for thick threads and wool threads
- Light ball tip
- Usable in all conventional sewing machines

- Colour: Silver
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 5 pieces
- Size: Variant dependant