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Mettler Elastic Thread Use Guide

ELASTIC Sewing Thread: Highly Elastic, Ideal for Smocking

ELASTIC sewing thread is highly elastic and perfect for smocking stretchy and solid fabrics. It can also be used to create ruffles on hems. ELASTIC sewing thread is best used as a bobbin thread in the sewing machine. To regulate the desired intensity of pucker, adjust the bobbin thread tension. Be sure to tack the seam beginning and end. Long lockstitches make it easier to sew with ELASTIC sewing thread. The ELASTIC sewing thread is 62% Elastane, 38% Polyester.

Here are some tips for using ELASTIC sewing thread:
- Use a universal sewing machine needle in size 80 / 12 or 90 / 14.
- Wind ELASTIC sewing thread onto the bobbin.
- Set the bobbin thread tension to a higher setting than the needle thread tension.
- Use a long stitch length.
- Sew slowly and carefully.
- Tack the seam beginning and end.

Enjoy creating beautiful and smocked projects with ELASTIC sewing thread!

Additional tips for smocking:
- Use a stabiliser to prevent the fabric from puckering.
- Sew rows of stitches close together to create a gathered effect.
- Use a variety of stitch lengths and tensions to create different effects.
- Trim any excess thread after stitching.

Length 10m/11yds ART.-NR. 0390 No. 18
Linear density: ca. Nm 3,4 (tex 294) Needle size: keine Empfehlung

There are 5 spools in each unit.

With these tips, you can create beautiful and unique smocked projects that will last for years to come!

Mettler Elastic Thread Care Guide

Product Features

The ELASTIC sewing thread impresses with its excellent elasticity and is, therefore the perfect sewing thread for smocking and ruffling on hems.

Oeko-Tex certification
ELASTIC is manufactured in compliance with internationally recognised ecological requirements and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.