HiyaHiya - Sleepy Kitty Snips

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Sleepy Kitty snips are a fantastic addition to HiyaHiya's collection of snips. 

These handy little tools only measure 1-7/8″ when closed and come with an attached chain and safety cap. They are available in assorted colours.

Sleepy Kitty snips are perfect for snipping yarn when you're on the go. They are small and lightweight, so they can easily fit in your knitting bag or purse. They are also sharp and precise, so you can easily snip through yarn without damaging it.

The attached chain and safety cap help to keep the snips secure when you're not using them. This is especially important if you're carrying them around in your knitting bag, as it prevents them from getting lost or damaging your other supplies. They are also easy to use and a great way to keep your knitting projects organised and looking their best.

Each pack contains 7 snips.

Sleepy Kitty snips are a great choice for knitters of all levels of experience.

Colours may vary.