HiyaHiya - Panda Point Protectors

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Protect your knitting needles from blunting over time with these cute panda point protectors. They fit all common needle sizes and are available in large and small sizes.

  • Large: fits needle tip sizes 5.50mm - 10.00mm
  • Small: fits needle tip sizes 2.75mm - 5.00mm

The panda point protectors are made of a soft, flexible material that won't damage your knitting needles. They are also easy to use and remove. Simply slide them onto the end of your needles when you're not using them.

Panda point protectors are a great way to keep your knitting needles organized and looking their best. They are also a perfect gift for any knitter or crocheter.

Here are some additional benefits of using panda point protectors:

  • They prevent your knitting needles from getting lost or damaged.
  • They make it easy to identify the size of your knitting needles.
  • They add a touch of fun and personality to your knitting toolkit.

Each item in this collection contains 7 packs.

If you're looking for a practical and stylish way to protect your knitting needles, panda point protectors are a great option.

Colours may vary.