HiyaHiya - Aluminium Crochet Hooks

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crocheter, these hooks will enhance your crocheting experience. 

They are perfect for making all sorts of projects, from scarves and hats to blankets and sweaters. So what are you waiting for? Order your set of colourful aluminium crochet hooks today!

Here are some additional details about the hooks:

  • They are made of high-quality aluminium.
  • They are smooth, lightweight, and easy to grip.
  • They are available in sizes from 2.00mm up to 10.00mm.
  • They are perfect for all skill levels.

The HiyaHiya aluminium crochet hooks in this collection are supplied as a pack of 7.

Stock up on HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook bundles to ensure you always have enough hooks for your customers.

Colours are not specific to any one hook size. Colour supplied will vary.